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What pattern is embroidered on the handkerchief?

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How is the Turkish fleet thwarted?

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What rank does Cassio hold before Othello strips it from him?

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Which of the following animal epithets is not applied to Othello during the play?

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How old is Iago?

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What is “the beast with two backs”?

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What is Brabanzio’s position in Venice?

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Where does Iago tell Roderigo that Othello and Desdemona are sailing to from Cyprus?

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Who made the handkerchief that Othello inherited from his mother?

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What first attracted Desdemona to Othello?

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What rank does Iago begrudgingly hold?

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From whom did Desdemona first hear the “song of ‘Willow’”?

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Which of the following epithets is most commonly applied to Iago throughout the play?

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Whose death does Graziano report in the final scene?

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Which of Cassio’s weaknesses does Iago exploit?

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Whom does Iago refer to as the true general?

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How does Othello kill Desdemona?

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What, according to Iago, is the “green-eyed monster”?

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Whom does Cassio wound in the drunken brawl of Act II, scene iii?

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With whom does Cassio dine the night he is stabbed?

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What is Othello holding as he stands over the sleeping Desdemona?

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Who is the first character to refer to Othello by name?

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According to Lodovico’s letter, who is to replace Othello as governor of Cyprus?

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On the night of her death, what does Desdemona ask Emilia to do?

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What does Iago counsel Roderigo to do?