BBC School Radio: Macbeth

This audio-visual series features the story of Macbeth adapted into 8 musical pieces of different styles. The accompanying resources and guides include all the lyrics and music, as well as suggested activities and information about historical context.

Stratford Festival Study Guide: Macbeth

This website was designed to accompany the 2016 Stratford Festival production of Macbeth, and includes suggested activities, lesson plans, and historical context features (including an interactive timeline). It also includes a gallery of images from the staging of the play.

CBC Ideas: Lord and Lady Macbeth on Trial

This podcast stages a mock trial to debate whether or not Lord and Lady Macbeth are guilty of murder. Notable Canadian lawyers, politicians, and a Supreme Court justice are featured to prosecute or defend the case.

Chop Bard Podcast: Macbeth

This multi-episode podcast gives detailed commentary and analysis of the play scene by scene. It also gives plot summary, and provides a contemporary translation line by line.

Macbeth Opening Scene Compare and Contrast

This video features a clip of the opening scene from five different film adaptations. The adaptations include Polanski (1971), BBC (2005), Wright (2006), Goold (2010), and Kurzel (2015). The video is a great way to get a sense of how Shakespeare’s play has been interpreted by different directors.

The Folger Shakespeare Library

A website offering vast resources about Shakespeare’s life, history, and work, as well as many resources for each play, including information about the different versions, existing copies, and the performance history.