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Lear is king of what country?

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Which one of Lear’s daughters is sent into exile?

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Which one of Lear’s counselors reprimands the king for exiling his daughter?

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Who is Gloucester’s bastard son?

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When Lear visits Goneril, what does she demand of him?

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When they hear that Lear is coming to visit them, where do Regan and Cornwall go?

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Why is Kent thrown into the stocks?

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When he flees from his father, how does Edgar disguise himself?

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When Lear tells Regan that Goneril has wronged him, what does Regan advise him to do?

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After he curses both Goneril and Regan, what does Lear do?

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Whom does Lear meet living in a little hovel on the heath?

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Why is Gloucester accused of treason?

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Where does Gloucester send Lear and his attendants?

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How is Gloucester punished for his “treason”?

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Who encounters Gloucester on the heath and offers to lead him to Dover?

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Who is leading the army that lands at Dover?

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Why does Gloucester want to reach the cliffs of Dover?

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To whom are both Goneril and Regan attracted?

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Before the battle between the French and English armies, to whose camp is Lear brought?

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What happens to Lear and Cordelia during the battle?

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How does Regan die?

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Who fights a duel with Edmund?

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What does Edmund reveal as he lies dying?

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What happens to Cordelia?

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What happens to Lear at the end of the play?