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At the beginning of the play, the source of the plebeians' discontent is the scant supply of:

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Addressing the mob of plebeians, Menenius compares the patrician class to which part of the body?

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Caius Martius reports the Senate's decision to allow the plebeians the right of representation. Who will serve as their representatives?

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For the war against the Volsces, whom does the Senate appoint as generals?

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Who is the great general of the Volsces?

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What is the name of Caius Martius' mother?

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During the war, what city do the Romans capture?

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What do Aufidius and Caius Martius do when they meet on the field of battle?

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In honor of his battlefield exploits, Caius Martius is given what name?

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When Coriolanus returns to Rome, it is widely assumed that he will be elected to which post?

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What must Coriolanus do in order to secure his office?

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Who are Coriolanus' adversaries in his quest to secure his political post?

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After his outburst against the plebeians and the tribunes, who convinces Coriolanus to make amends?

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What happens to Coriolanus when, failing to control his temper, he continues to attack the plebeians verbally?

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After he leaves Rome, where does Coriolanus go?

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Once Coriolanus is gone, what takes place in Rome?

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In an effort to gain revenge, Coriolanus allies himself with whom?

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When news comes that Coriolanus is marching on Rome, how do the plebeians react?

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When Cominius goes to plead with Coriolanus for mercy, how does his former friend respond?

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When Menenius pleads with Coriolanus, how does he fare?

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Who are the last people to plead with Coriolanus?

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When his mother begs him to make peace, what does Coriolanus do?

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When Coriolanus returns to Antium, how is he greeted?

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When Coriolanus agrees to spare Rome, how do the Romans respond to the news?

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What event marks the end of the play?