Celia is the daughter of Duke Frederick, who has just usurped the throne from his brother, Duke Senior. This event has brought new complication to Celia’s life, since her closest friend and confidante happens to be the dethroned duke’s daughter, Rosalind. Frederick has allowed Rosalind to remain at court on account of how beloved she is to his daughter. But when Frederick makes the impulsive decision to banish Rosalind, Celia follows her friend into exile. Celia’s decision to join Rosalind in the Forest of Arden demonstrates a fierce sense of loyalty and a genuine love for her cousin. Indeed, so genuine is this love that her expressions of affection for Rosalind carry subtle, homoerotic undertones. But their relationship is more sisterly than anything, and Celia devotes herself to protecting and comforting her beloved friend. Although Celia’s character isn’t as fully developed as Rosalind’s, it’s significant that she’s the only one capable of helping Rosalind navigate the thorny thickets of love. When Rosalind can hardly contain herself for love of Orlando, Celia is there to call her to account and moderate her most extreme responses. In this regard, she plays a key role in the final assembly of love matches—including her own with Oliver.