Evelyn Hugo 

The novel’s protagonist and a Hollywood legend. Beautiful, ambitious, and savvy, Evelyn spends her life presenting a false persona to the public. She hides her bisexual identity to protect her career and engages in seven marriages of convenience. At the end of her life, Evelyn looks back on her nearly six decades in Hollywood and tells the true story of her love affair with fellow actress Celia St. James. 

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Celia St. James 

A talented actress and the love of Evelyn’s life. Young and emotional, Celia quickly falls for Evelyn. Throughout their decades-long relationship, Celia struggles with the choices Evelyn makes to keep her sexuality a secret and protect their careers. The couple finds peace together at the end of Celia’s life.  

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Monique Grant 

A struggling writer and Evelyn’s interviewer. Lacking confidence and looking to level up in her career, Monique seizes the opportunity to interview Evelyn. Through listening to Evelyn’s story, Monique evolves, gaining more confidence, a better sense of what she wants romantically and professionally, and the truth about her father’s death. 

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Harry Cameron 

Evelyn’s producer and best friend and Connor’s father. Harry discovers Evelyn and the two develop a close friendship that evolves into a platonic, loving marriage. Harry is hiding his sexuality and is the only person that Evelyn comes out to. He is protective, loving, and rational. He guides and supports Evelyn throughout her life.  

Don Adler 

An actor and Evelyn’s first love and second husband. Charming and forceful, Don falls for Evelyn but starts abusing her early in their marriage. Jealous of Evelyn’s success and gripped by traditional gender expectations, Don pushes Evelyn to quit acting and start a family. Years after Evelyn divorces Don for his infidelity and abuse, the two make peace and star in a film together. 

Connor Cameron 

Harry and Evelyn’s daughter. Connor is cherished by both her parents. During her teen years, she struggles with her father’s death and her relationship with her mother. Connor dies of breast cancer at age 41.

Max Girard 

A French director and Evelyn’s sixth husband. Passionate, insistent, and creative, Max and Evelyn have a creative partnership before they marry. Max directs Evelyn in her comeback and in the film that she wins her only Oscar for. Evelyn is relieved to fall for Max, but she soon finds he is more in love with the idea of her than who she actually is. 

John Braverman 

A football player, Harry’s lover, and Celia’s husband. Kind, generous, and loving, John is an integral part of Evelyn’s unconventional family. Harry serves as Celia’s beard. 

Rex North 

An actor and Evelyn’s fourth husband. Savvy, inscrutable, and unflappable, Rex marries Evelyn to promote their film, Anna Karenina. Though Rex does flirt with Evelyn, their marriage remains a platonic business relationship. 

James Grant 

Harry’s lover and Monique’s father. James hid his sexuality and his family didn’t know that he had relationships with men. Evelyn frames James for the car accident that ended his and Harry’s lives, though it was Harry’s fault. James adored his daughter and had a loving, companionable marriage with Monique’s mother. 

Ernie Diaz 

Evelyn’s first husband. Evelyn seduces and marries Ernie to get a ride to Hollywood and divorces him when the studio asks her to.  

Robert Jamison 

Celia’s brother and Evelyn’s seventh and final husband. They marry so that Evelyn can inherit Celia’s estate after she dies. He plays a fatherly role with Connor, who adores him. 

Mick Riva 

A rockstar and Evelyn’s third husband. Evelyn pursues, seduces, marries, and divorces Mick in one whirlwind day in order to bury any rumors of her relationship with Celia. Rash and self-involved, Mick proposes to Evelyn before they even meet. 

Monique’s Mom 

Monique’s mother. Loving, enthusiastic, and caring, Monique’s mother is avidly curious about Monique’s interview with Evelyn. She loved Monique’s father very much. 


Monique’s estranged husband. David left Monique to move to San Francisco but when he comes to ask Monique back, she realizes their marriage has been over for some time. 


Evelyn’s assistant. Calm, gracious, and unflappable, Grace supports Evelyn and keeps her company. Evelyn dotes on her and treats her like a daughter. 


Evelyn’s maid. Evelyn and Luisa get off to a rocky start when Luisa calls Evelyn crazy in Spanish, thinking Evelyn won’t understand. Evelyn comes to cherish Luisa. 

Ruby Reilly 

An actress and Evelyn’s co-star in Little Women. Jealous and striving, Ruby is threatened by Celia and outs her to Evelyn. Ruby marries Don and later reveals he abused her, just as he did Evelyn. 

Evelyn’s Mother 

A chorus girl and an aspiring actor. Evelyn’s loving mother died when Evelyn was eleven, and Evelyn sought out acting to achieve the dream her mother couldn’t. 

Evelyn’s Father 

Evelyn’s father. Evelyn’s father abuses her, and she leaves him as soon as she possibly can. 


Monique’s editor at Vivant. Driven and no-nonsense, Frankie is eager to get the interview with Evelyn.  

Ari Sullivan 

A producer who sleeps with underage girls. Evelyn sleeps with Ari to get her first big roles.