1. Whose death causes Terry Malloy to start wondering about Johnny Friendly’s business methods?

2. When Edie drops her glove outside of the church, what does Terry do with it?

3. According to Terry, how did Charlie derail Terry’s promising boxing career?

4. Where does Father Barry hold the secret meeting for the longshoremen to discuss their rights?

5. What event makes it difficult for Edie to leave Terry at the saloon?

6. How is Charlie “the Gent” Malloy easily identified?

7. Why does the Waterfront Crime Commission actively seek out Terry for a subpoena?

8. What important event not seen on -screen happens after Father Barry’s secret meeting?

9. Who helps Terry Malloy in the fistfight with Johnny Friendly at the end of On the Waterfront?

10. Terry admits that he threw his big fight to whom?

11. What part of the New York metro area provides the setting for On the Waterfront?

12. Over whose corpse does Father Barry deliver his famous “Sermon on the Docks”?

13. Why is Charlie Malloy murdered?

14. What birds does Terry raise tenderly on the rooftops?

15. What does Terry do when his brother Charlie pulls a gun on him in the taxicab?

16. What style of acting does Marlon Brando employ in On the Waterfront?

17. What does “D & D” stand for in the lingo of the waterfront?

18. Who encourages Terry to confess to Edie the extent of his involvement in Joey’s death?

19. How does Terry fight back against the murder of his brother Charlie?

20. How does Mr. Upstairs find out about what happens in the courtroom?

21. How does the neighborhood kid Tommy greet Terry when he returns from the courtroom?

22. How do the longshoremen at the morning shape-up know if they’re going to work that day?

23. To what does Father Barry compare the murder of Kayo Dugan?

24. Where does Terry run immediately after his taxicab conversation with Charlie?

25. Whose jacket does Terry wear for his final showdown at the docks?