1. What is Midge’s relationship to Scottie?

2. From what kind of phobia does Scottie suffer?

3. In what city is Vertigo set?

4. Why does Gavin Elster want Scottie to follow his wife?

5. Which of the following places is NOT visited by the wandering Madeleine?

6. Where do Scottie and Midge go to learn about the history of Carlotta Valdes?

7. How does Scottie save Madeleine’s life?

8. In the sequoia forest, what does Scottie tell Madeleine the trees’ name means?

9. Scottie recognizes the place Madeleine describes from her dreams as what landmark location?

10. As Scottie pursues Madeleine up the bell tower, what does he see from the window?

11. Who conducts the inquest following Madeleine’s death?

12. Where does Scottie spend the year following Madeleine’s death?

13. When Scottie quizzes Judy about her identity, who does she claim to be?

14. Before Judy’s first date with Scottie, what does she do?

15. In Judy’s letter to Scottie, what does she confess?

16. What does Judy do with her letter to Scottie?

17. Which of the following is NOT something Scottie asks Judy to do to be more like Madeleine?

18. In what color light is Judy bathed when she emerges as the fully transformed Madeleine?

19. How does Scottie react to Judy’s complete transformation?

20. How does Judy slip and reveal her former identity as “Madeleine”?

21. Where does Scottie take Judy after he learns of her true identity?

22. Which of the following sentiments is NOT expressed by Judy as Scottie drags her to the top of the tower?

23. What does Scottie do to Judy when they reach the top of the tower?

24. What startles Judy into falling out of the tower?

25. What are the final words of the film, spoken by the nun?