1. What war did Travis fight in?

2. From which movie does Taxi Driver take its plot line?

3. What reason does the unnamed passenger give for wanting to kill his wife, whom he sees in a lighted window?

4. Who does Travis reach out to for advice when he's really down about Betsy?

5. What does Travis say he'd like Palantine to do if Palantine becomes president?

6. When does Travis first encounter Iris?

7. Where does Travis drive his cab?

8. Which feeling overwhelms Travis's sensibility throughout the film?

9. Which role does the director, Martin Scorsese, play?

10. Which book had the greatest influence on Taxi Driver?

11. What is the slogan for Palantine's campaign?

12. Who does not point and shoot an imaginary handgun at Travis?

13. What instrument in Bernard Hermann's score plays the theme that represents the lonely man?

14. In what year does the film most likely take place?

15. What reason does Travis give in his interview for wanting to be a taxi driver?

16. Who is the first person Travis kills?

17. Who wrote the song that reminds Betsy of Travis?

18. Who sells Travis his guns?

19. Which is not one of Travis's preparations for assassinating Palantine?

20. Where do Iris's parents live?

21. Where would Iris like to go if she were to leave prostitution behind?

22. Why doesn't Travis get in trouble for shooting the man in the convenience store?

23. To whom does Travis direct his "You talkin' to me?" speech?

24. Which is not one of the shows Travis watches on television?

25. Taxi Driver's score is most similar to the score of which movie?