1. What is the name of the ancient order to which Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi belongs?

2. What does Princess Leia hide in R2-D2’s memory?

3. Why does Han Solo owe Jabba the Hutt so much money?

4. What is C-3PO’s primary function?

5. Why does Grand Moff Tarkin destroy Alderaan?

6. Why does Darth Vader want to face Obi-Wan so intensely?

7. Why is Luke able to destroy the Death Star?

8. What sort of planet is Hoth?

9. How does Vader show displeasure with his officers?

10. What does Han find so annoying, yet attractive, about Leia?

11. What does Leia find so annoying, yet attractive, about Han?

12. Why does Lando betray Han and the others?

13. Why does Yoda act so silly when he first meets Luke?

14. What does Luke see in his vision at the cave?

15. What shocking truth does Vader reveal to Luke on Bespin?

16. What does Jabba do with Han’s frozen body?

17. How does Boba Fett die?

18. What shocking truth does Ben reveal to Luke on Dagobah?

19. What do the Ewoks think of C-3PO?

20. How do the Ewoks help the Rebels on Endor?

21. How do Ackbar and Lando try to neutralize the effectiveness of the Death Star?

22. Why does the Emperor try to increase Luke’s fear, anger, and hatred?

23. Why is the Emperor so pleased to see Luke defeat Vader?

24. What is Darth Vader’s real name?

25. At the very end, who does Luke see together?