1. What is the definition of anime?

2. What medium was the forerunner of anime?

3. What makes the animation in Spirited Away unique?

4. What happens to Chihiro’s parents after they eat the foods meant for the spirits?

5. How can Chihiro survive in the spirit world?

6. Why does Kamaji help Chihiro?

7. What does Yubaba steal from Chihiro?

8. What does Yubaba rename Chihiro?

9. How does No-Face gain entry to the bathhouse?

10. What is the other form that Haku takes?

11. How does No-Face get a voice?

12. What can No-Face create out of thin air?

13. What creature does Zeniba turn Boh into?

14. Why did Yubaba put a slug into Haku?

15. What does Sen remember about Haku?

16. What is Yubaba’s final challenge to Sen?

17. Why can’t Haku return home?

18. How does Sen heal Haku and No-Face?

19. What does Sen discover the stink spirit really is?

Spirited Away made history in 2003 by winning what award?

21. What distinguishes the features of the characters in anime?

22. What, ultimately, saves Sen from the bathhouse?

23. What does Yubaba initially think has been taken from her?

24. What does Yubaba discover is actually missing?

25. What is Haku’s real name?