1. From what source does Schindler secure the funds necessary to buy the enamelware factory?

2. What is Itzhak Stern’s original occupation?

3. Why does Schindler originally want to hire Jews, rather than Poles, to work in his factory?

4. What designation is given to the Jews who work in Schindler’s factory?

5. Where does Schindler first meet Poldek Pfefferberg?

6. What does Regina Perlman want Schindler to do?

7. Who originally uses Schindler’s factory to help the Jews?

8. On whom does Schindler focus as he watches the evacuation of the Kraków ghetto?

9. Who is the commander of the Plaszów labor camp?

10. With what is the road through the Plaszów labor camp paved?

11. Who are the previous owners of the Kraków apartment that the Nazis give to Schindler?

12. Whom does Stern bring to Schindler’s office to thank Schindler for being a savior, early in the film?

13. What does Goeth do to the woman engineer in the labor camp who is concerned with the structure of the barracks the Jews are building?

14. What event in the labor camp signifies the triumph of the human spirit?

15. How does Schindler get Goeth to agree to let him buy Helen Hirsch?

16. Why is Schindler thrown in jail after his birthday party?

17. Why is Goeth conflicted about his feelings of affection for Helen?

18. Where is the factory to which Schindler brings his Jews at the end of the film?

19. When does Stern finally have a drink with Schindler?

20. What does Schindler use to buy back the women who are mistakenly diverted to Auschwitz on the way to the new factory?

21. Why must Schindler flee at the end of the war?

22. What is inscribed on the ring that Schindler’s workers give to him at the end of the film?

23. Why is Schindler so upset as he says good-bye to his workers?

24. What do the surviving Schindlerjuden place on Schindler’s grave at the end of the film?

25. Who is the last person seen standing by Schindler’s grave?