1. Which character was a previous incarnation of the One?

2. Which religion is referenced in The Matrix trilogy?

3. How does the Nebuchadnezzar initially contact Neo?

4. Who persistently refers to Neo as Mr. Anderson?

5. How does Trinity resurrect Neo, when he dies in The Matrix?

6. How does Neo resurrect Trinity, when she dies in The Matrix Reloaded?

7. What proverb is written in Latin over the Oracle’s kitchen door?

8. Why do Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo initially visit the Merovingian?

9. Which crew member’s body does Agent Smith infiltrate?

10. Who makes a deal with Agent Smith to sell out Morpheus in The Matrix?

11. Why do Tank, Trinity, and Neo consider killing Morpheus in The Matrix?

12. How do freed minds leave the Matrix and return to the real world?

13. What’s in the package that Agent Smith delivers to Neo at the start of The Matrix Reloaded?

14. Who ultimately delivers the Keymaker to Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo?

15. Who pilots the Hammer back into Zion at the end of The Matrix Revolutions?

16. Who created the Matrix?

17. Who speaks at the first assembly at Zion?

18. Where is Zion?

19. About what year is it in the ravaged real world?

20. What visions does Neo have throughout The Matrix Reloaded?

21. What visions does Neo have throughout The Matrix Revolutions?

22. What happens after Neo is resurrected in The Matrix?

23. Why does Seraph fight Neo the first time they meet?

24. Who has agreed to care for Sati?

25. When the machines run the planet, for what purpose do they use the humans?