1. On what work is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest based?

2. What elements make Nurse Ratched’s authority over the men evident when she appears at the beginning of the film?

3. What does the Chief pretend to be?

4. Why does McMurphy request that Nurse Ratched change the men’s schedule?

5. How does McMurphy escape from the institution to take the men on a fishing trip?

6. Why does Nurse Ratched send Cheswick, the Chief, and McMurphy for electroshock therapy?

7. What does McMurphy do when he returns to the ward after electroshock treatments?

8. Why does McMurphy bribe the night orderly?

9. The film draw numerous parallels between McMurphy and which biblical character?

10. When does Nurse Ratched think she has beaten McMurphy?

11. In which episode does McMurphy win a battle with Nurse Ratched?

12. Why is the Chief so important in the film?

13. Why does Nurse Ratched drive Billy Bibbit to commit suicide?

14. Which of the following actresses portrays Nurse Ratched?

15. What does One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest ultimately hope to depict?

16. As a director, Milos Forman infused the film with the style of

17. What experiences with repressive authority did Forman have in his own life?

18. At what point in the film do we understand that McMurphy has sacrificed his freedom?

19. Why is the Chief’s speech about his father important?

20. What does Nurse Ratched want the men to do immediately after Billy Bibbit commits suicide?

21. Which of the following is the first climax of McMurphy’s confrontational relationship with Nurse Ratched?

22. How does the Chief free McMurphy?

23. What was Ken Kesey’s reaction to the film?

24. Which actor portrays McMurphy?

25. Where was the film shot?