1. Who wrote the novel upon which the film A Clockwork Orange is based?

2. Which members of society speak Nadsat, the slang Alex speaks?

3. From which foreign language does Nadsat take the most words?

4. What drink do Alex and his gang consume on the night the film opens?

5. In the scene in which Alex beats Mr. Alexander and rapes Mrs. Alexander, what else does he do?

6. After his first night of violence, Alex returns home. Where does he live?

7. Who first pays Alex a visit the next morning?

8. Who is Alex’s favorite composer?

9. What does Alex imagine when he hears music?

10. What crime does Alex get sent to prison for?

11. What kind of animals does the victim of this crime keep as pets?

12. What object does Alex’s victim use to fight him?

13. What do the police do with Alex his first night in custody?

14. How much of his prison sentence does Alex serve?

15. Who takes Alex under his wing while he is in prison?

16. What book does Alex read while in prison?

17. During Alex’s treatment with Ludovico’s Technique, what is shown in the films he is made to watch?

18. How long does the treatment last?

19. When Alex returns home, what surprise is waiting for him?

20. Upon his release, Alex finds his friends working as what?

21. The first night after his release, in whose house does Alex seek refuge?

22. How does Alex escape?

23. What celebrity made famous the song “Singin’ in the Rain”?

24. When the minister of the interior visits Alex in prison, what does he do for him?

25. How is the end of the novel different from the end of the film?