1. When Charles Foster Kane dies at the beginning of the film, what is his last word?

2. How does Thompson find out the details of Kane’s early life?

3. How is Kane’s life first explained in the film?

4. What assignment is given to Thompson, the reporter?

5. What drops from Kane’s hand when he dies?

6. How does Kane become Thatcher’s ward?

7. What makes Kane fabulously wealthy?

8. Of all his assets, which is the only one Kane shows any interest in?

9. What is Susan’s talent?

10. Which two loyal friends help Kane start the Inquirer?

11. Who was Kane’s first wife related to?

12. Where does Kane meet Susan Alexander?

13. What does Kane sign his first day at the Inquirer?

14. What part of the movie’s collaboration did Orson Welles try, unsuccessfully, to take full credit for?

15. What does Kane give up for Susan?

16. Why does Leland move to Chicago?

17. What does Kane build to showcase Susan’s talent?

18. Why does Susan try to commit suicide?

19. Why does Kane destroy Susan’s room?

20. What is Rosebud?

21. Citizen Kane is a technically innovative film primarily due to its use of what cinematic technique?

22. Citizen Kane won an Oscar in what category?

23. What famous figure was Charles Foster Kane likely based on?

24. Who produced, directed, co-wrote, and starred in Citizen Kane?

25. What famous organization was founded by John Houseman and Orson Welles?