1. In which decade is the movie set?

2. How much of the movie is actually set in Chinatown?

3. When is Jake’s life first put at risk?

4. What was Claude Mulvihill’s former profession?

5. What city project does Hollis Mulwray firmly oppose?

6. How do Jake and Lieutenant Escobar know each other?

7. What does Evelyn Mulwray first do when she meets Jake?

8. Why does Jake jump into the run-off channel?

9. How did Hollis Mulwray and Noah Cross know each other?

10. What does Jake find in the Mulwrays’ pool?

11. Why does Jake’s nose get sliced?

12. What are the police traditionally told in Chinatown?

13. What is the true purpose of the water diversion?

14. What is the fake MrsMulwray’s real profession?

15. What is found in Hollis Mulwray’s lungs?

16. How is Evelyn Mulwray related to Katherine?

17. Why is the land in the valley being bought up quickly?

18. What does Jake do after Evelyn receives a mysterious call?

19. Who shoots Evelyn Mulwray in the final scene?

20. Where is Hollis Mulwray killed?

21. Who kills Hollis Mulwray?

22. Who leads Noah Cross to Evelyn and Katherine’s hideout?

23. What does Jake want Curly to do in exchange for waiving an earlier debt?

24. Who originally owned the water supply for Los Angeles?

25. Who leads Katherine away from Evelyn’s body?