1. During World War II, what was the most important port of exit from Europe to the New World?

2. Who rules Casablanca?

3. At the beginning of the movie, who offers to buy Rick's Café?

4. Who is arrested at Rick's for killing the German couriers?

5. Whom does Ilsa first recognize when she enters Rick's?

6. Where is Laszlo from?

7. Where is Berger from?

8. Where is Rick from?

9. Which of the following is true of Rick's past?

10. Why can't Rick return to the U.S.?

11. Where did Rick and Ilsa first meet and fall in love?

12. Who came with Rick from Paris to Casablanca?

13. What is the name of Ferrari's café?

14. Who accompanies Yvonne to Rick's on the second evening?

15. What does Mrs. Brandel ask Rick?

16. What song does Laszlo request the band play?

17. What excuse does Louis use to close down Rick's?

18. Who sneaks into Rick's with Laszlo after the meeting of the resistance?

19. Where was Laszlo while Rick and Ilsa were together in Paris?

20. To whom does Rick sell his bar at the end of the film?

21. Whom does Rick tell Louis will be on the plane to Lisbon?

22. Where is Ilsa going at the end of the movie?

23. Where is Rick going at the end of the movie?

24. Who is killed at the end of the movie?

25. Which of the following characters does NOT draw a gun?