1. Which of these prominent Civil War events is reenacted in The Birth of a Nation?

2. Which character is a leading abolitionist politician?

3. The academic writings of which U.S. President are cited in Griffith’s footnotes?

4. According to Griffith’s intertitles, what is Austin Stoneman’s greatest weakness?

5. Who are the Cameron boys?

6. Who are the Stoneman boys?

7. What does Ben Cameron keep in his uniform while out on the battlefield?

8. How does Elsie help during the war?

9. What does Ben present to Elsie as a token of his love as they walk in the forest?

10. Writings from what book did Griffith reference to support his racist views?

11. Which cities figure most prominently in The Birth of a Nation?

12. How do D. W. Griffith and Billy Bitzer convey the more intimate moments of the raging war?

13. What was one of the unfortunate effects of the success of The Birth of a Nation?

14. What is the name of the line that divides the Stonemans from the Camerons?

15. What is the title of the Rev. Thomas Dixon’s play on which much of The Birth of a Nation is based?

16. Which “solution” to America’s strife was in the film’s original print, but was cut due to protests?

17. After the Ku Klux Klan lynches Gus, what do they do with his body?

18. Which two characters are present at Ford’s Theater?

19. Which organization protested The Birth of a Nation and attempted to organize boycotts of it?

20. How many of the four main black or mulatto roles—Silas Lynch, Lydia, Gus, and Mammy—are performed by black actors?

21. How does the Union gain a crucial advantage that signals the beginning of the end for the Confederacy?

22. Who revokes Ben Cameron’s death sentence?

23. What inspires Ben to form the Ku Klux Klan?

Why was the $2 ticket price for The Birth of a Nation significant?

25. What did Griffith do before directing The Birth of a Nation?