1. Which war provides the backdrop for Apocalypse Now?

2. What or whom do Chef and Willard encounter in the jungle?

3. Who opens fire on the Vietnamese sampan?

4. For what is Willard’s journey a metaphor?

5. Who directed Apocalypse Now?

6. On which work of literature is Apocalypse Now based?

7. The narrative takes place largely on what river?

8. Why does the USO show end so soon?

9. Who or what kills Chief?

10. What does Kurtz throw into Willard’s lap while Willard is imprisoned?

11. Which poet is quoted by both Kurtz and the photojournalist?

12. What are the Montagnards doing while Kurtz is being killed?

13. Where was the film shot?

14. What did Lance do in California before the war?

15. Who loves the smell of napalm in the morning?

16. What is the film’s climax?

17. Where is Kurtz located?

18. What song does Kilgore blast from his helicopters during the air strike?

19. Who kills the injured Vietnamese woman on the sampan?

20. What are Kurtz’s last words?

21. What is Clean listening to when he gets shot?

22. Where does Willard find Lance after he kills Kurtz?

23. When the film starts, Willard is:

24. What is Willard’s mission?

25. At Kurtz’s compound, what does Willard tell Chef to do if he doesn’t return by a specified hour?