1. What is Alvy’s occupation?

2. Where do Annie and Alvy first meet?

3. With whom is Annie living in Los Angeles?

4. Where does Alvy meet Allison?

5. Of what offense does Annie frequently accuse Alvy?

6. Why does a double of Annie rise up from the bed when she is making love with Alvy?

7. Why do Annie and Alvy fly to Los Angeles?

8. What do Annie and Alvy try to cook in the Hamptons?

9. What or whom does Alvy turn into briefly while he eats with Annie’s family?

10. Whom does Annie turn into in the animated scene?

11. What is Alvy’s main obsession?

12. What publication does Pam work for?

13. Who does Alvy produce in the movie-ticket line?

14. How many ex-wives does Alvy have?

15. How does the film begin?

16. Why does Annie ask Alvy to come to her apartment after they have broken up for the first time?

17. What movie do Annie and Alvy see?

18. What happens when Alvy encounters cocaine?

19. What does Alvy write his first play about?

20What is Annie’s trademark expression?

21. What is Annie’s brother Duane’s fantasy?

22. What unusual article of clothing is Annie wearing when she and Alvy first meet?

23. For what is nine-year-old Alvy scolded in school?

24. Who does Alvy stop in the street to ask about the secret to a successful relationship?

25. According to Alvy, why do human beings continue to fall in and out of love?