1. What does the doctor prescribe to cure Guido?

2. What constitutes the movie set that is torn down at the end of the film?

3. Where does Guido meet the cardinal?

4. Whom does Guido pick up at the train station?

5. When does Guido first hear the words Asa nisi masa?

6. What does Guido make Carla pretend to be?

7. When Carla arrives, what is she wearing?

8. During the screen tests, what does Guido imagine happens to Daumier?

9. What is notable about Gloria and her fiancé Mezzabotta?

10. Why does Luisa decide to come to the spa?

11. In a memory sequence, who catches Guido watching Saraghina?

12. What takes place at the end of the harem sequence?

13. What is wrong with the launch pad?

14. Where does Saraghina live?

15. Why does Carla call Guido from her hotel?

16. About how old is Guido?

17. How does Guido imagine his parents feel toward him?

18. With what is Claudia Cardinale consistently associated?

19. Which of the following characters criticizes Guido the most?

20. What does the pair of magicians do?

21. For what or whom does Luisa consistently express her love?

22. At the beginning of the introductory dream sequence, where is Guido?

23. Which of the following is one way in which Luisa stands out from other women at the spa?

24. Which of the following characters is not married?

25. What do all the characters do at the end of the film?