1. Which of the following was the Tower of London used for in the Elizabethan age?

2. Who issued an interdict against Elizabeth?

3. What was Elizabeth's close circle of advisors called?

4. Which of the following is a ceremony in which a sovereign is officially crowned?

5. Which country believed it had an "Invincible Armada" before 1588?

6. What were the treasure ships called that Sir Francis Drake raided?

7. What was the name of Sir Francis Drake's ship?

8. What type of non-rhymed poetry did Christopher Marlowe pioneer?

9. Elizabeth and Mary I belonged to what royal family?

10. Which English king had several of his wives killed in his obsessive quest for a male heir?

11. Who was Elizabeth's mother?

12. What religion was Mary I?

13. Philip II ruled which country?

14. Who was known as "Bloody Mary"?

15. James I belonged to which family?

16. What religion was Mary Queen of Scots?

17. Lord Burleigh, one of Elizabeth's most trusted advisors, was originally known what?

18. What was Simon Renaud's profession?

19. To what family line was the Earl of Essex distantly related?

20. How did Mary Stuart die?

21. How did Robert Dudley's first wife, Lady Dudley, die?

22. Which area in Europe did the Hapsburgs have no official power over during the Elizabethan era?

23. What was the Earl of Leicester's original name?

24. Who was Edward VI?

25. What role did Mary of Guise fill in Scotland?

26. Who was Mary of Guise's daughter?

27. Which of the following was on of Elizabeth's cousins?

28. Where did Essex lead a botched military campaign?

29. What was the Duke of Alencon later known as?

30. Which of the following was Francis Walsingham known for?

31. Which of the following Protestants was assassinated with papal approval?

32. Who led the surprise naval attack on the Spanish Armada at Cadiz, preempting Philip's 1588 invasion attempt?

33. What was Christopher Marlowe famous for?

34. Which work did Edmund Spenser author?

35. Who succeeded Elizabeth I?

36. Who discovered Mary Queen of Scots' complicity in the Babington Plot?

37. Which of the following was Elizabeth known as?

38. What gift did Sir Francis Drake present Elizabeth with on board the Golden Hind?

39. Which office did Leicester hold in Elizabeth's court?

40. Which of the following was a favorite pastime of Elizabeth's?

41. Who did Elizabeth have executed for Treason in 1601?

42. How did Mary Queen of Scots send messages to her conspirators during the Babington Plot?

43. Which of the following languages was Elizabeth weakest in?

44. Which language did young Elizabeth learn in secret?

45. Who was Henry VIII's 5th wife?

46. Which French nobleman did Francis Walsingham hope Elizabeth would marry?

47. Who held a water-pageant at Kenilworth castle for Elizabeth's enjoyment in 1575?

48. Who was Edmund Spenser's patron?

49. What was a favorite entertainment in Elizabeth's court?

50. Which of the following disciplines most fascinated Elizabeth?