Benjamin Button

The son of Roger Button and the protagonist. Benjamin Button ages backward, beginning life as a seventy-year-old-looking old man and getting younger every day. He lives his earlier “adult” years as a learned and curious man, and he experiences success in most of his endeavors. As Benjamin grows younger, he loses the ability to do the things that once gave him joy and becomes morose.

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Roger Button

Benjamin Button’s father. Roger Button is a Yale graduate and the prominent owner of a successful hardware business. When his son is born, Roger is horrified and embarrassed by Benjamin’s condition, and he suppresses him in an attempt to keep up appearances.

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Hildegarde Moncrief (Button)

The daughter of a prominent Baltimore family and Benjamin’s eventual wife. Hildegarde is attracted to Benjamin as an older man but becomes angry and removed when Benjamin continues to age backward.

Roscoe Button

Benjamin and Hildegarde’s son. When Benjamin becomes too “young” to live on his own, he moves in with Roscoe. Roscoe is impatient with Benjamin and faults his father for his “perverse” condition.