I had an Edward till a Richard killed him; I had a husband till a Richard killed him. Thou hadst an Edward till a Richard killed him; Thou hadst a Richard till a Richard killed him. (Act 4, Scene 4, lines 42–45)

Forbear to sleep the nights, and fast the days; Compare dead happiness with living woe; Think that thy babes were sweeter than they were, And he that slew them fouler than he is. Bettering thy loss makes the bad causer worse. Revolving this will teach thee how to curse. (Act 4, Scene 4, lines 119–124)

A flourish, trumpets! Strike alarum, drums! Let not the heavens hear these telltale women Rail on the Lord’s anointed. (Act 4, Scene 4, lines 150–152)

I have no more sons of the royal blood For thee to slaughter. (Act 4, Scene 4, lines 201–202)

Look what is done cannot be now amended. Men shall deal unadvisedly sometimes, Which after-hours give leisure to repent. If I did take the kingdom from your sons, To make amends I’ll give it to your daughter. If I have killed the issue of your womb, To quicken your increase I will beget Mine issue of your blood upon your daughter. (Act 4, Scene 4, lines 294–301)