What, think you we are Turks or infidels? Or that we would, against the form of law, Proceed thus rashly in the villain’s death, But that the extreme peril of the case, The peace of England and our persons’ safety Enforced us to this execution? (Act 3, Scene 5, lines 41–46)

Tell them when that my mother went with child Of that insatiate Edward, noble York My princely father then had wars in France, And, by true computation of the time, Found that the issue was not his begot, Which well appearèd in his lineaments, Being nothing like the noble duke my father. Yet touch this sparingly, as ’twere far off, Because, my lord, you know my mother lives. (Act 3, Scene 5, lines 86–94)

Know, then, it is your fault that you resign The supreme seat, the throne majestical, The sceptered office of your ancestors, Your state of fortune, and your due of birth, The lineal glory of your royal house, To the corruption of a blemished stock[.] (Act 3, Scene 7, lines 116–120)

Then I salute you with this royal title: Long live Richard, England’s worthy king! (Act 3, Scene 7, lines 238–239)