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What is the name of Mr. Knightley’s estate?

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Which of the following men does Harriet NOT fall in love with?

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Whose wedding has just taken place when the novel begins?

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What is Jane Fairfax’s connection to Miss Bates?

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Where did Mr. and Mrs. Elton meet?

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Why does Emma tell Harriet not to marry Mr. Martin?

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Regarding personality, whom does Isabella most resemble?

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What was the first Mrs. Weston’s maiden name?

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What will be Jane’s profession if she doesn’t marry?

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Why does Frank flirt with Emma?

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From whom does Frank rescue Harriet?

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Who provides for Jane Fairfax’s education?

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Which of the couples who get engaged at the end of the novel is the first to get married?

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Who gives birth to a baby girl?

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Who owns the property where the Martins live?

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What is the name of the estate where Emma lives?

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Who first suspects that Frank and Jane have a secret attachment?

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What is the second Mrs. Weston’s relationship to Frank?

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What is the name of the man Mr. Woodhouse relies on for medical advice?

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Where does the ball take place?

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How many proposals does Emma receive over the course of the novel?

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Where is Emma’s mother?

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For whom does Emma believe Harriet has fallen after she gets over Mr. Elton?

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Who insults Miss Bates at the Box Hill picnic?

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Who does Mrs. Weston initially think has feelings for Jane?