1. Which of Vito’s children was adopted?

2. What business does Sollozzo want to involve Vito in?

3. Who is Vito’s oldest son?

4. What does Vito demand in order for the peace between the five families to hold?

5. Who is the mastermind behind the attempt on Vito’s life?

6. Who is sent ahead to Vegas?

7. What does Michael have done during and shortly after the baptism of his godson?

8. At the end of The Godfather, who is determined to be the traitor?

9. What was Vito’s last name when he was born?

10. Whom does Don Ciccio have killed?

11. Who accuses Michael of giving “loyalty to a Jew before your own blood”?

12. Who is the mastermind behind the attempt on Michael’s life in Part II?

13. What does Fredo reveal in Havana?

14. Who is the government’s star witness in the anti-Mafia congressional hearings?

15. Who tries to intimidate young Vito into sharing a cut of his criminal activities?

16. Which sibling(s) does Michael have killed at the end of Part II?

17. Where does Hyman Roth die?

18. Who heads the Vito Corleone Foundation for the Poor of Sicily?

19. Vincent is the child of which of Michael’s siblings?

20. Which gangster runs the old Corleone neighborhood in Part III?

21. What complicates the ratification of the Immobiliare deal?

22. What disguise does the assassin hired to kill Michael wear?

23. How does Altobello die?

24. Who is shot at the end of Part III?

25. Who is the last person to die in Part III?