1. What famous British author was Sir Leslie Stephen's first father-in-law?

2. When was Virginia born?

3. How many siblings, including half-siblings, did Virginia have?

4. What was the title of the massive work Leslie Stephen is best remembered for producing?

5. What famous American author living in England did Leslie Stephen befriend early in his career?

6. What famous American poet was Virginia's godfather?

7. Which of the Stephen children announced early on that s/he wanted to be a painter?

8. What was the title of the little family newspaper Virginia founded when she was a child?

9. In what Cornish town did the Stephens make their summer home?

10. What was the nickname Virginia's family gave her due to her mischievous nature?

11. Which of Virginia's brothers sexually abused her?

12. How old was Virginia when her mother died, an event Virginia would later call "the greatest disaster that could have happened"?

13. What British university did Thoby attend, where he met men who would later make up the core of the Bloomsbury Group?

14. Into which then-shabby London neighborhood did the Stephen children move after Leslie died?

15. Which of the following men was not a classmate of Thoby's at Cambridge?

16. Which of the Bloomsbury Group later became one of England's most famous biographers?

17. Clive Bell, Vanessa's husband, was a

18. Virginia's brother Thoby died of Typhoid Fever after a family trip to which country?

19. How many drafts did Virginia go through in the composition of The Voyage Out?

20. Which member of the Bloomsbury Group proposed to Virginia, then rescinded the offer the next day?

21. What did art critic Roger Fry do in 1910 that caused a major scandal in London?

22. What was the name of the town in which the nursing home where Virginia spent many weeks in her life, recovering from bouts with mania and depression, is located??

23. In what country, then an English colony, did Leonard spent the years 1904–1911 as a colonial administrator?

24. What was the title of Leonard's first novel, inspired by his experiences in Ceylon?

25. In what year were Leonard and Virginia Woolf married?

26. Which of the following artists would not be considered part of the Postimpressionist school?

27. What world event delayed the publication of The Voyage Out?

28. What did Leonard and Virginia name their publishing company?

29. What mental condition did Leonard believe Virginia was suffering from?

30. What book by an unknown Irish writer did Leonard and Virginia recognize as a work of genius but had to turn down due to production limitations of Hogarth Press?

31. Which of Virginia's books did Katherine Mansfield unfavorable review in a London weekly?

32. Lytton Strachey's biography of what British figurehead was considered a work of brilliance when it was published in 1920?

33. What happened to Virginia upon completion of a novel?

34. Which of Virginia's novels was the first full-length novel Hogarth Press published?

35. Which beautiful female writer did Virginia's nephew Quentin Bell say Virginia had an affair with between 1925 and 1929?

36. Which two of Virginia's books are considered to be her most accomplished novels and the best example of Modernist literature?

37. What was a literary technique used by Modernist writers, specifically Virginia and James Joyce?

38. A Room of One's Own was compiled from a series of lectures Virginia gave at what British university?

39. Virginia Woolf, in A Room of One's Own argues that the best writers are

40. Virginia's light novel Flush purports to be the biography of what famous British poet's dog?

41. What was the name of Lytton Strachey's female companion?

42. In what year did Hitler come to power in Germany?

43. Virginia agreed to write the biography of which member of the Bloomsbury Group?

44. Virginia's nephew Julian Bell was killed in what conflict in 1937?

45. Why did Leonard have more to fear from a Fascist regime than Virginia?

46. What book did Virginia finish a month after the Battle of Britain ceased?

47. When did Virginia commit suicide?

48. How did Virginia commit suicide?

49. How old was Virginia when she died?

50. Which of Virginia's relatives became her most famous biographer?